As a faith-based organization, FaithBridge adheres to the Statement of Faith of the National Association of Evangelicals and also has a position on morality. Click here to read more.

 Core Values


FaithBridge, as an organization, operates by a set of values that drive and guide our actions, words, decisions and practices. Click here to read more.

Why FaithBridge?

Since the organizations inception in 2007, co-founders Bill Hancock and Wayne Stolz are credited to leading FaithBridge to become one of the fastest-growing, private child-placement agencies in Georgia. The faith community bridges the gap between those who need help and those who want to help. The bridges are relational, economical and emotional.

  • Relationally, we connect county and state government, biological and foster families, healthcare workers, community service providers and volunteers.
  • Economically, we connect investors with a proven business model that is reframing the $8-billion foster care problem that is part of the $30-billion child and family welfare industry.
  • Emotionally, we connect an entire community of caring individuals—professionals, pastors, lay leaders and volunteers—to children and families in loving, nurturing relationships.

Breaking it Down


County map diagram white background.jpg

  • 700,000 children pass through the foster care system yearly
  • 400,000 children are in foster homes on any given day
  • Some children stay for a few nights, some stay for a few years

Locally (a county in Georgia)

  • 500 children needing foster care
  • 100 foster homes
  • Over 1,000 churches in that same county with thousands of loving, Christian families!

Click here to see how your church can change the way America does foster care.

The 60-million Christians in 300,000 local churches are the bridge!