A Christ-centered, tax-exempt organization intent on changing the way America does foster care, FaithBridge Foster Care works with the local church to solve its community's foster care crisis. FaithBridge partners with local churches to create independent, church-led foster care ministries around a small group model, called the FaithBridge Community of CareSM, which provides Christian foster families with unparalleled support and resources. This relationship-enhanced model scales to create local foster family capacity with built-in stability and quality, bringing children and families together in a safe, loving community.

Why "FaithBridge"?

Our name is derived from our business model, whereby the faith community bridges the gap between a large societal crisis and individuals in need. The bridges we build are relational, economic and emotional.

Relationally, we connect all the parties in the foster care system--county and state government, biological and foster families, healthcare workers, community service providers and others.

Economically, we work to bridge investors with a proven business model and strategy that aim to reframe the $8 billion foster care crisis.

Emotionally, FaithBridge Foster Care's strategy and business model help bring together an entire community of caring individuals--professionals, pastors, layleaders and volunteers--who surround children and families in loving, nurturing relationships and who help bridge the emotional traumas often caused by neglect, abuse or other challenges.

Why the Church?

FaithBridge Foster Care believes the local church and its community of believers is the solution to the foster care crisis. The local church has a scriptural mandate to engage in foster care ministry. And with its existing infrastructure, vibrant ministries and caring congregations, the local church and its community of believers can solve this crisis of capacity, stability and quality.