Christ-centered - Hebrews 12:2

We fix our eyes on Christ, both His person and His work, as the basis for a transformed life on earth and the foundation of eternal life. Christ is the source of all life and all meaning.

Local Church-focused - Nehemiah 2:17-18

The Old Testament tells of Jerusalem and a call to action for its people commonly referred to as the Nehemiah principle. Formerly a city of honor, the holy city was destroyed and unprotected with broken walls and gates. God's servant Nehemiah called for the people to rebuild their own walls, caring for and taking responsibility for their community. Today, Nehemiah's call still rings true for us. At FaithBridge, we prayerfully seek others who, like us, see the need and will stand with us in the gap, rebuilding the families and communities around us.

Relational - Luke 6:13-17

Just as Jesus created relationships among his disciples and followers, we strive to create connections among all the parties in the foster care system - county and state government, biological and foster families, healthcare workers, community service providers and others.

Servant Leader - Philippians 2

Rather than become caught up in selfish ambitions and desires, we are humble servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our work fulfills the mission He has called us to do. As Christians, we are called to have Christ's attitude of self-sacrificing humility and love for others.

Entrepreneurial - Acts 13:1-3

As an entrepreneurial organization, we have a vision on how to change foster care in this country, a passion for the ideas and people who can help us make it happen, a willingness to take risks to achieve our goals and a commitment to see things through, in both the peaks and the valleys.

Accountable - II Corinthians 5:9-10

We hold ourselves accountable to the many individuals and organizations that depend on us, including churches, foster families, government agencies, etc. In addition, we take seriously our role as financial steward, ensuring that individual donations are used to directly fund children's care, activities and education.