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The Gift of Family

Torn from your home.
Uprooted from your family.

Asked to be ok in an unfamiliar place.

Sound challenging?

Now imagine doing that at age 4. Age 8. Again and again, until you’re 18 and then…“you’re on your own, kid.”

This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of children. They aren’t orphans in Africa or a third world country. They live in your neighborhood. Attend the same schools as your own children. They are our communities’ foster children.

And we are called to care for them. To meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs in their time of crisis.

FaithBridge exists for one reason: to change the way America does foster care. And we do that by partnering with local churches and supporting families who provide a loving, safe place for foster children.

You can help. Say “yes” to foster care ministry by becoming a foster parent, starting or leading a foster care ministry at your church, volunteering to support foster families or giving to support our ministry. By sharing your financial gifts or sponsoring a foster child, you can make an eternal difference.


Why foster care?

Abuse, neglect and abandonment are big issues for children. Children right here in our own communities. More than 600,000 of them will experience the U.S. foster system this year. It’s a BIG problem. But there’s hope. The church is even BIGGER.

Why support FaithBridge? Where does the money go?

Children need a safe, stable place to go when their families are hurting. By supporting FaithBridge through financial gifts or by sponsoring a child with $1/day or $30/month, you can make sure that happens. FaithBridge is a 501c3, tax exempt organization. Your donations are tax deductible and monies from child sponsorships are used to recruit, train and support families in local churches to serve to our communities’ foster children and help restore their families.

Why families in local churches?

FaithBridge believes that the local church with its caring people, vibrant ministries and extensive infrastructure is the answer to the foster care problem. With a biblical mandate to care for the orphan, more than 300,000 churches and 100 million Christians nationwide, the church and her people uniquely positioned to serve our country’s foster children and their families—and to create capacity, build stability and enhance the quality of foster care.

What do you mean by restore families?

When people talk about foster care, they often think of adopting foster children. That’s great. But 80% of foster children go back home to their families. If we simply provide them a place to stay when their families are in crisis, but don’t also reach out to and love their families, then we’re missing a huge opportunity to make a lasting difference. When it’s safe and possible, we aim to provide love and support to the foster child’s natural family in addition to the child, helping to create bridges back to the family through the local church.


FaithBridge Foster Care is a Christ-centered, tax-exempt organization intent on changing the way America does foster care. FaithBridge partners with local churches and helps them serve their communities’ foster children using a small group model called The FaithBridge Community of CareSM.

The FaithBridge Community of Care provides Christian foster families with unparalleled support including a professional foster family consultant, trained volunteers, biblical training and more. Our relationship-enhanced model creates local foster family capacity with built-in stability and quality, bringing children and families together in a safe, loving church-led community.

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