Christians have a biblical mandate to care for orphans...

how might you respond?

FaithBridge Foster Care invites you and your church to join us in changing the way America does foster care. You might be called to be a foster family, and that's wonderful! There's also a need for volunteers, church leaders and respite homes to serve those foster families. Consider to what God might be calling you or your family today.  

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Churches have the environment and people to naturally enable individuals, couples and families to foster with the support that they need when they need it.

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Affiliates receive a wide variety of professional services and include but are not limited to child welfare agencies, local communities and other organizations.

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Foster families embark on a life-changing adventure of caring for children who need temporary, full-time parents to love them.

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Respite homes serve foster families by providing a place where foster children can stay for up to two consecutive nights in a row, once a month.

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Volunteers serve foster and respite families by babysitting, mentoring, tutoring, coaching birth parents, driving and providing material goods, like meals, clothes, toys and supplies.

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FaithBridge Foster Care is a nonprofit that relies heavily on generous hearts who want to support a ministry that cares for foster children. It is a privilege to partner with you.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress."

-James 1:27