The FaithBridge ministry approach is a proven one, allowing you to directly impact your community's foster care crisis without shouldering the administrative and legal burdens of running a child placement agency.

Is a foster care ministry right for your church? Obviously, it's a question that only your church can answer. Some churches who hear the statistics about foster care immediately want to take action. Others require a period of prayer and contemplation. As you evaluate the appropriate path for your church, consider the benefits FaithBridge provides you and your congregation.

Church Families

Individuals who hear about the foster care crisis are deeply touched and long to get involved. However, they often hold back because of their concerns about the level of support they will receive. They are afraid of being overwhelmed by the experience and having nowhere to turn. By creating a foster care ministry based on our FaithBridge Community of CareSM model, you enable these caring individuals to follow God's call to open up their hearts and homes to children in need. In those situations where adoption becomes an option, interested families may be able to bring a child into their home permanently.


Many churches who have partnered with FaithBridge have discovered that creating a foster care ministry has strengthened the bond between the church and its church members. The FaithBridge Community of Care model relies on the assistance of many different volunteers, creating a network of individuals committed both to their role in the ministry and their larger role as Christ's servants.

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