Robin Freeman, foster mom, Mt. Bethel UMC Community of Care

There are too many children in unstable environments, moving from home to home, being separated from their siblings and feeling lost in a system they don't understand.

Providing a quality home to a needy child ensures that child has the love, stability and support needed to thrive. If you have considered becoming a foster parent but are unsure of the decision or the process, FaithBridge Foster Care can help.

Support system

Our Community of CareSM ensures that you have the support and resources you need to be a successful foster parent. If a child comes into your home needing clothes, toys or a crib, the Community of Care helps you find them. When you need someone to watch the children or drive them to an appointment, the Community of Care can help provide babysitting or transportation. When you just need someone to talk to who understands the challenges and demands, the Community of Care provides emotional and spiritual support. Whenever you need them, the Community of Care is there for you.

Dedicated family consultant

FaithBridge Foster Care provides you with a dedicated point of contact who is available all the time for emergencies and who handles communication with DFCS and government agencies. This frees you to focus on your most important responsibility - loving and nurturing the child(ren) in your care.

Training and certification

We facilitate the entire foster family certification and training program, including application, initial training and continuing education through your church. Our streamlined process, which includes a combination of instructor-led training, online learning and weekend retreats, keeps you on track and helps you complete the process faster.

Learn more about how to become a foster family.

If you are interested in becoming a FaithBridge foster family, please review our requirements to foster.