If you are considering becoming a foster parent, we encourage you learn more about FaithBridge Foster Care and our FaithBridge Community of CareSM model. Depending on how quickly you complete the paperwork and training, the process for becoming a foster parent can take as little as 60 days. This is significantly less than other childcare placement agencies where the timeline runs approximately six to nine months.

1. Attend an orientation meeting - Encounter FaithBridge
Join us for a two-hour information meeting where you will learn more about FaithBridge Foster Care and our FaithBridge Community of Care model. You will also have the opportunity to meet foster parents from our other churches who can provide you with insight on what it's like to foster a needy child. This is your chance to ask questions and meet others who are considering taking this same journey.

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2. Attend Pre-Service training and complete your application
If after the two-hour information session you are interested in taking the next step, you must attend the intensive two-and-a-half day session designed to prepare prospective foster families for the physical, emotional and spiritual demands of foster care. At this time, you will also begin filling out the required paperwork.

Find out the date of the next Pre-service training.

3. Complete a home study program
During the Pre-Service training, you will receive home study materials that you must complete in order to receive certification. This includes the legal requirements such as fingerprinting and background checks.

4. Final Approval
After you have finalized all paperwork and completed the home study program, you will be notified of the final approval. Once you are approved, you will be entered into the waiting list and be notified when a child needs placement.

If you are interested in becoming a FaithBridge foster family, please review our requirements to foster.