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House Icon No Shadow.jpgFoster care is part of an incredibly complex system that can feel overwhelming and confusing. We understand that. Nevertheless, FaithBridge aims to do all we can to simplify the process, making it accessible, manageable and approachable. Starting at orientation, we'll pair you with a foster family consultant who will walk through each of these steps with you and continue working alongside of your family as you foster. 

It is an incredible privilege to be in the life of a child who is in a place where he or she needs such love and care! You truly will be a blessing to vulnerable children needing care and can change the way that America does foster care. 

Five Steps to Fostering

1. Attend Orientation: Encounter
Join us for a two-hour informational meeting to learn more about FaithBridge Foster Care. Click here to register for a scheduled event.

2. Complete Foster Parent Training: Foundations
This Friday evening, all-day Saturday and Sunday afternoon experience is designed to prepare prospective foster parents for the physical, emotional and spiritual demands of foster care. Register for Foundations in your area.

3. The Application Process
Once you decide to begin the journey of fostering, you must become certified by the state and county. Your FaithBridge foster family consultant will guide you through every step of the process.

4. Complete a Home Study
Your home itself must be approved for foster care. There are some documents to collect and there is some paperwork to complete. Your FaithBridge foster family consultant will guide you through every step of the process.

5. Final Approval
Once approved, you will be entered onto the waiting list and notified when a child needs placement.

Why chose FaithBridge?

The FaithBridge Community of Care (CoC) model ensures that you have the support and resources you need as a foster parent.


If a child comes into your home needing clothes or a crib, the CoC can help provide them. They can help with transportation when you need someone to drive them to an appointment, or even babysit. Providing emotional and spiritual support is also a staple for the CoC. 


"Prior to the decision to foster, we didn't realize how impactful the Community of Care would be. I thought it was just marketing language with no real 'teeth.' That turned out to be incorrect. The Community of Care has been VERY helpful and we are so glad we made the decision to foster through FaithBridge."

-FaithBridge foster family

Five foster families provide a glimpse into their reasons for fostering and how they've been blessed.