Foster care. It's the ultimate form of hospitality. Just as Jesus welcomes a child into his arms, providing unconditional love and expecting nothing in return. He calls us to do the same.

This month, FaithBridge encourages you to welcome a child into your loving embrace through Christian foster care.

May is National Foster Care Month. There's no better time to embrace foster care ministry.


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Training Events

Encounter: Our two-hour information session will introduce you to the need for and the ways to be involved with Christian foster care. 

Foundations TrainingThis multi-day training is for foster families once they have completed Encounter and meets the state-mandated requirement.

Support Team Volunteer Training: This training helps volunteers be better prepared to work with foster children and serve foster families.

Below are three children who have experienced the unconditional love of Jesus Christ through the families and volunteers made up by the FaithBridge Communities of Care. Click here to read how their lives have been impacted.

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*These profiles are based on real foster children that FaithBridge or one of its team members has served. However, names and details have been changed to protect the identity and safety of these children.




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