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FaithBridge Foster Care is a Christ-centered nonprofit that partners with churches to launch foster care ministries, trains foster families and volunteers and contracts with the government to place children in stable and supportive foster homes. FaithBridge is changing the way America does foster care by mobilizing, organizing and equipping local churches to solve their community's foster care crisis through Christian foster care ministries and the FaithBridge Community of Care™. The FaithBridge model also includes family consultants who act as a liaison with government agencies and offer spiritual insight and support to the foster families. By providing unparalleled support to foster and birth families, FaithBridge shares God's life-changing love in the midst of crisis, and together, we stand in the gap with children and families.

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FaithBridge Mom and Blogger, Katie Kenny Phillips, from, shares the raw emotions of being a foster parent on
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"This particular child of mine, content with waving a fat, little wrist at fellow shoppers, was my daughter in every sense of the word from the very beginning. I held her for the first time at four months old to the day. I kissed her belly and watched her breathe in her sleep. She was my daughter in every sense…except for legally, of course. It was a strange place to stand, one foot on either side of a dividing line. One heart— split—as if it couldn’t reside in the same chest. I couldn’t reconcile why she felt like my forever child, yet on paper and according to the court, this child was destined to go home. And I couldn’t reconcile wanting to keep this child while, at the same time, loving the birth mother and wanting her to succeed? What to do? What to think? What to pray?"

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FaithBridge Foster Care is a part of the FaithBridge Group family of companies, along with FaithBridge Consulting and FaithBridge Psychological Services. FaithBridge Group is a member of both the Christian Alliance for Orphans and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  

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