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FaithBridge Foster Care?

We are a Christ-centered nonprofit that is changing the way America does foster care by mobilizing, organizing and equipping local churches to solve their community's foster care crisis. Together, we stand in the gap with children and families. Through Christian foster care ministries and the FaithBridge Community of CareSM, we provide unparalleled support to foster and birth families as we share God's life-changing love in the midst of crisis.

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Meet Jeremiah*


Four-year-old Jeremiah is such an adventurous, energetic and vivacious little boy! He enjoys wrestling and playing outside. He entered care a little over a year ago at the age of three because both of his parents suffered from substance abuse. Jeremiah has three older brothers and he displayed cognitive delays and attachment issues when he first entered care. With the help of his foster parents, Jeremiah has made great strides and is now ready for kindergarten.  

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*Name and details changed to protect child's privacy. Please note, the child pictured is not a foster child, but represents one of the more than 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system on any given day. 

About Us

FaithBridge Foster Care is a part of the FaithBridge Group family of companies, along with FaithBridge Consulting and FaithBridge Psychological Services. FaithBridge Group is a member of both the Christian Alliance for Orphans and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  

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