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Five Ways Fostering Has Shaped Our Biological Son

"For us, foster care is a family ministry that includes our biological son. He was 10 years old when we began this journey, and we made it clear from the beginning that this is his ministry as much as it is ours."


When the Community of Care® Continues to Care

"When reunification became a reality for the Simmon's children, their parents, although ready by state regulation, were not ready. They needed clothes, food, and supplies. They also needed prayer. These were needs the Community of Care® had been meeting while the children were in foster care."


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FaithBridge Foster Care is a part of the FaithBridge Group family of companies, along with FaithBridge Consulting and FaithBridge Psychological Services. FaithBridge Group is a member of both the Christian Alliance for Orphans and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. 


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