Each year, more than 660,000 nationwide per year and 400,000 per day are temporarily removed from their parents' care for reasons ranging from neglect and abandonment to abuse. Nationally, there are less than half of the necessary foster families to care for them.

For most of us, it's not news that there is a foster care crisis in the United States. Why then is it news that we have a personal responsibility to care for these children?

The Bible tells us that we must care for the least, the last and the lost in our midst. But for too long, we have left the responsibility of caring for these children to a state system that, by itself, is unable to provide them with the long-term love and stability they need.

FaithBridge Foster Care believes that the foster care crisis presents the opportunity for a new type of community -- one that recognizes our responsibility to act in the face of this troubling situation. Our strategy engages the local church to create independent foster care ministries, providing homes to children and necessary support and resources to Christian foster families. We achieve this through a unique model we call the FaithBridge Community of CareSM.