FaithBridge Foster Care believes the local church can act as a delivery channel for foster care, solving the problems of capacity, stability and quality that are endemic to the current system. We mobilize and equip the church to provide the services that foster families need to be successful. To do this, we create within the church a small group network, known as the FaithBridge Community of CareSM, which provides unparalleled support to foster families.

The Community of Care is a team of volunteers who act as a support system to Christian foster families and foster children. They help find resources, such as clothes and toys, and act as an extended family, providing respite services, mentoring, special recreation and extra-curricular activities.

Providing this kind of support is critical if we want to encourage good, stable families to become foster families. Nationally, almost half of the foster families drop out every year because they are overwhelmed by a system that lacks the resources or personnel to help them. The Community of Care ensures they have the help they need when they need it.

How the FaithBridge Community of Care works

Each Community of Care consists of a network of services for foster families and foster children. The foster families are surrounded by a coordinated team of trained volunteers and respite families and are supported by the local church.