FaithBridge Podcast Series:

Focal Points
FaithBridge inroduces a new podcast series that features the many professionals that are making a difference in the lives of our community's foster children.

Focal Points is an informational audio series that focuses on the personal testimonies and professional experience of those who advocate for the sake of children and share our vision to change the way America does foster care. Through such services as clinical, legal and pastoral, these individuals help insure the best possible care and outcomes for children in crisis.

Click here to listen to our Focal Point Podcast Series.

Voices of Foster Care
FaithBridge introduces a podcast series that celebrates the families, volunteers and professionals who serve children through the ministry of foster care.

Voices of Foster Care is an audio series featuring insights into the joys, rewards and challenges of fostering.

Click here to listen to our Voices of Foster Care Podcast Series.

We invite you to listen to these podcasts and hope you will be strengthened and encouraged as you continue to do His work.