Focal Points

FaithBridge inroduces a new podcast series that features the many professionals that are making a difference in the lives of our community's foster children.

Focal Points is an informational audio series that focuses on the personal testimonies and professional experience of those who advocate for the sake of children and share our vision to change the way America does foster care. Through such services as clinical, legal and pastoral, these individuals help insure the best possible care and outcomes for children in crisis.

Meet Judy Sartain
Judy is mother of five, former foster mom and an attorney of adoption law. Hear why she got involved in practicing law and what a day in her life is like. She also educates on temporary and legal guardianship. Judy's passion and her knowledge in this work is inspiring, encouraging and informative.

Judy Sartain- The Value of a Family Consultant
Bill Hancock and Judy Sartain continue their conversation about guardianship, temporary guardianship, and fostering. They shed some light on the system and how it works. Judy shares why having a family consultant is so helpful when you are involved in foster care ministry. Bill reminds us that FaithBridge and its consultants are here to serve and make fostering as simple as possible.

Judy Sartain- Fostering: From Beginning to End
Judy walks us through the process of how a child enters care and how the child is either reunified with the family of origin or finds a permanent home through adoption or guardianship. She also reminds us that as Christian foster parents we can have a tremendous impact on a child's life no matter how long they stay in our home; one night to the rest of their lives. "We are Jesus' hands and feet," she says, "and we need never forget that."

Ryan Martin- It's Not an Option For Me
Ryan Martin, a Pastor at Stonecreek Church, talks with Bill Hancock about how he and his church got involved in foster care ministry. "We are to be about this [ministry] it's not an option for me." Ryan mentions that God broke his heart for foster children and God made an impression on him that as a Pastor he needed to lead by example. He describes his journey to becoming a foster parent himself Don't miss this honest discussion about how this ministry is being birthed in churches and people.