Voices of Foster Care

FaithBridge introduces a podcast series that celebrates the families, volunteers and professionals who serve children through the ministry of foster care.

Voices of Foster Care is an audio series featuring insights into the joys, rewards and challenges of fostering.

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Stephen and Jennifer Haines
The Haines have a wealth of knowledge and experience in being foster parents. Their wisdom and heart for fostering children in crisis is a gift to everyone around them.


Tim and Alyssa Marciano
The Marcianos sought to know how the Lord wanted to build their family, and foster care became the clear path for them.

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David and Lisa Hickenbottom
David and Lisa Hickenbottom share an amazing testimony of how God's plan unfolded right before their eyes. Looking back they can now see how He had been preparing them all along.

The Hickenbottoms share their testimony of obedience to God's will, and how they made the decision to get off the fence and say "yes" to fostering.

David and Lisa Hickenbottom discuss how saying "yes" to fostering has taken their lives in a direction they never would have expected, and the joy they have experienced as a result.

The Hickenbottoms explain that not everyone will foster, but everyone can do something. They praise everyone who has helped them during their fostering experience and share how instrumental each person was.


Jeanne Sheahan
Jeanne's ability to raise her boys to be godly men strengthened her faith to help raise teenage foster girls to be godly women.

A foster mom sets boundaries in order for her children to live their Christian lives by what God calls "awesome".

A foster mom reveals the importance of picking your battles and taking advantage of "teaching moments."

Jeanne uses healthy sarcasm when having fundamental conversations with her foster kids, keeping in mind their unique personalities.

Jeanne admits she is not perfect, but talks about holding foster kids accountable to the same standards she holds for herself.

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Kale McKisson
A foster mom shares how she never intended to foster. However, her desire to make a difference changed the lives of six brothers.

Kale explains how God opened her mind to know that there is a greater need out there and that she had the ability to provide it.

With the support of their Community of Care, Kale shares how effective foster parenting was made possible while raising seven boys.

Kale encourages potential foster families to cast all doubt aside and to consider opening their hearts and homes to sibling groups.

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