Corporate Videos

The Solution to the Foster Care Crisis is Simple: The Local Church

FaithBridge CEO Bill Hancock shares the FaithBridge story through his personal testimony

The Foster Care Crisis: a statement about the three primary problems in foster care today

Why FaithBridge?: An overview of the Community of Care model

Founder's Message: CEO Bill Hancock shares his personal experience with fostering and vision for FaithBridge

Get on the Bus wrap-up: A FaithBridge event for pastors and church leaders on Aug 25, 2009

Two Moms Impacted By Fostering

Jeanne Sheahan of Promise686 shares how running a godly household of boys has prepared her to parent, mentor and positively influence young ladies.

Kale McKisson of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church never intended to foster. However, her desire to make a difference changed the lives of six brothers.

Other Videos and Testimonies

First Lady of Georgia Mary Perdue invites her home church, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, to embrace foster care ministry

FaithBridge celebrated its new identity and new website with an open house for Jackson Healthcare employees on April 28, 2009.

Foster care alumni and poet Crystal Williams opened the Raise Me Up kick-off event with this original work

Crystal Williams is a powerful advocate for bringing about change for youth who have been touched by the foster care system. She shares her story.

Pastor Johnny Hunt, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, calls on his church to create a Christian foster care movement in Cherokee County on May 22, 2011.

Heather Harding of Mount Bethel United Methodist Church shares three reasons why to say yes to fostinging and why the blessings outweigh the challenges.

Julie Kirby of Mount Bethel United Methodist Church shares her foster care testimony and asks her congregation to respond to their communitys' foster care crisis.

First Lady of Georgia Mary Perdue acknowledges Mt. Bethel's foster care ministry

Michael and Daphnie Farmer: Foster Parents, First Baptist of Woodstock Community of Care

Ronald and Kelly Polhamus: Foster Parents, Project127Rome Community of Care

Heather Harding and Robin Freeman: Foster Moms, Mt. Bethel UMC Community of Care

Four foster families provide a glimpse into their reasons for fostering and the rewards they've enjoyed.