FaithBridge provides excellent, local training for all who participate in foster care ministry. From orientation for volunteers through the home study process for foster families, staff make sure that you have all the information necessary to thrive in the role to which God has called you. 

To find an event in your area, select either FaithBridge Atlanta or FaithBridge Glynn

Learning Opportunities

Our two-hour information session will introduce you to the need for and the ways to be involved with Christian foster care. This is where everyone starts the journey of becoming foster or respite parents. Sign up for an event near you today!

This multi-day training is for foster and respite families and meets the state-mandated requirement. If you are going through the process to become a FaithBridge foster or respite family, this training is for you after you have attended Encounter. 

Support Team Volunteer Training
This training helps volunteers be better prepared to work wtih foster children and serve foster families. If you don't find a location near you offering this program, please email us with your information, and we will be happy to help you. 

Advanced Foster Parent Training
Advanced training hours are required by the state for all foster and respite families. We offer and promote several courses each month. Please note that advanced parent trainings are limited to current FaithBridge foster and respite parents only.

The Importance of Training

FaithBridge helps prepare couples for fostering through training and the local church.