Meet Anna, our Area Managing Director

Anna Crumbliss has a personal connection to her work at FaithBridge.

“I was adopted so foster care and adoption have always interested me,” she said. “I’ve also always loved helping people, probably because my parents were so involved with our church and are very generous people. It was just a way of life and how I grew up.”

For a few years, Anna worked for the Department of Family and Children Services. During that time she fell in love with social services.

“I saw a broken system so I wanted to be part of the solution,” she said. “My favorite part of my job is interacting with our foster families and children. Being able to help them, even in a small way, makes it worth it. I also love my coworkers! I have a great team of foster family consultants who work so hard that they inspire me to keep going even on tough days.”

Those who know Anna would never dream she used to be shy as a child and teen.

“I made a promise to myself not to let my shyness keep me from anything. I am pretty outgoing now so I think that when people see my shy moments they are surprised,” she laughed.

Anna loves photography and capturing moments throughout life.

“I recently had my photography on display at an art showcase so that was really exciting,” she said. “Street photography is my favorite because I love to travel and capture beautiful moments in people’s lives. I also love the show The Walking Dead and have volunteered with a convention where I get to meet the cast and other fans. It’s a lot of fun meeting new people.”

When it comes to FaithBridge, Anna has big dreams.

“I want FaithBridge to continue to impact the way that fostering is done in this country and continue to set the bar high so that great foster parents are the rule not the exception. And my hope is that the FaithBridge Community of Care model continues to influence other fostering agencies, including that state, so that all foster parents are surrounded by a community and church full of support,” she said. “I’d love to see the system change for the better. It would be great for the juvenile court system to follow the timeline set by the Juvenile Code and for there to be more birth parent supports available to promote reunification.”

And what does she want people to know about fostering?

“It’s messy and it’s hard but these children need you. Don’t be afraid of your heart being broken when they return to their birth parents. Don’t worry about how fostering will disrupt your life,” Anna said. “Be afraid that foster children’s hearts are being broken because they don’t have a loving, safe, Christian home to go to tonight. And worry about how foster children’s entire lives have been disrupted by pain, neglect, fear, and sadness. You are the solution to this problem so say yes!”