Meet Krista, Foster Family Consultant

Krista Wolf has wanted to help orphans since she was a little girl herself. What she didn’t realize then, was that she didn’t have to go overseas to do it.

She has been helping children right here in Georgia, as a FaithBridge Family Consultant (FFC) at FaithBridge Foster Care, for her entire seven-year career in child welfare.

“I love FaithBridge, because of the consultant role and the Community of Care model. It truly takes a village.”

Krista came to us straight from college and she works closely with birth parents, foster parents, foster children, DFCS, and the Community of Care® to help ensure that the children in care with FaithBridge Foster Families are flourishing.

“The best thing about my job is being able to help guide my families, give advice, and support them. This is a wild journey with A LOT of ups and downs and because I’ve been a foster parent, I know it’s comforting to have someone who gets it and can come along side to help.”

Krista’s faith plays a major part in how she approaches her role. “I would not be able to do what I do without Jesus. He gives me strength with things are hard. He guides me and affirms me when I feel like I cannot go forward. We see a lot of hard stuff, often times sad things and it can take its toll on you. He refuels me and reminds me why He has called me to this mission.”

When Krista is not working with her families at FaithBridge she is at home spending time with her family. “My husband, Josh, and I are adoptive parents of a precious three-year-old girl, Victoria, who came to us through foster care. I also have a five-month-old baby girl named Charlee.” They enjoy swimming, running, and really any outdoor activity.

If she could tell you only one thing about foster care, Krista says “I want people to know that foster kids aren’t bad kids. There is a stigma that they are bad. They are precious! They need love and we have the opportunity to love them and share the good news of Christ.”