Meet Matthew, Director of Church Engagement

Matthew Carter joined the FaithBridge Foster Care staff in May 2018 as the Director of Church Engagement. In his role, he develops long-term relationships with local churches and acts as the liaison between FaithBridge and the church as they develop strategies for the launch of their foster care ministry.

He has a personal connection with the FaithBridge mission. “My wife and I have six children, ages 21 down to four. Two of our children are adopted and we fostered several children early in our marriage. We began fostering in 1996 and it made an indelible impact on our lives. Having the honor to serve as foster parents and now as adoptive parents has been the greatest ministry of our lives.”

Matthew has a passion to see the local church reach its community for Christ. This combined with a a strong desire to see foster children placed in Christian homes make him an ideal fit on staff.

“I believe my role is a blending of these as I guide our church partners and help them achieve their local ministry initiatives as they care for orphans according to James 1:27. The most exciting part of my job is hearing about a child being placed in a Christian home. I believe that the Lord can use each of our Christian families to change the trajectory of the lives of the children who are placed in their homes. There is an eternal impact for the children as they hear the Word of God and experience His love and hope in a stable environment.”

Matthew comes to FaithBridge after 20 years of serving the local church in growth, stewardship and financial consulting and 15 years on church staff. He felt that the Lord was calling him to broaden his sights to an area of outreach that was community based while using his experience as a foster and adoptive father to serve the local church. 

“My church launched its own foster care ministry in 2018, and it was through that relationship that I was introduced to FaithBridge Foster Care. FaithBridge is the largest Christ-centered child placing agency in Georgia. The vision and mission of the organization is comprehensive in its reach into the community and its heart for His Church and His Children is amazing. I am honored to work alongside such gifted people and to see each child impacted for the cause of Christ.”

“The most surprising thing about my role was the realization that only 13% of the churches in the United States have a foster care ministry currently in place. With this in mind, I know we have much work to do and we must work effectively and efficiently to see more churches develop these ministries so more children have shelter and hope for the future.”

Faith is a very big part of Matthew’s role with FaithBridge Foster Care. “As I reach out to each church, I pray for their pastors and ask that the Lord will guide me as I build each relationship. I do believe the Lord will bring the churches to us that we are to serve and I am certain He is in complete control of our ministry in all that we do. After 11 years of foster care, He has proven safe thus far!”

FaithBridge is a family affair. Matthew lives in Canton with his wife of 23 years, Deanna, who also serves with FaithBridge as a Home Study Contractor. They have six children: Levi 21, Emma 19, Caroline 17, Christian 15, Aidan 13, and Isaac 4.  “We have a very busy household with one in the Army, two in college, two in the craziness of high school and a four year old who wants to rule the world.” They love to visit the mountains and hike and fish and enjoy the outdoors and they attend Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Canton where Matthew plays drums in the praise band. When he has time, he loves songwriting, music production and recording.