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Transforming the lives of children who have experienced abuse and neglect.

Every week, 126 new children in Georgia are removed from their homes and placed into the foster care system by the Division of Family and Children Services due to abuse, neglect, addictions, violence and more. These numbers are heartbreaking and tragic, but they are very real numbers representing very real children who we cannot ignore. We want to ensure that every child who comes into the foster system is nurtured in a loving, safe foster home where they will have the opportunity to heal and experience the love of Jesus.

  • 18

    The average daily number of Georgia's children removed from their homes and placed into foster care.

  • 400

    The number of foster children and youth living in hotels on any given day because there are not enough foster homes.

  • 45%

    The percentage of Georgia's children who are removed from homes due to neglect

  • 11,840

    The number of children currently in Georgia's foster care system.

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