Foster Care Adoption

At FaithBridge, our goal is for our foster children to be reunited with their biological parents. But sometimes, due to various situations, reunification is not in the best interest of the child. When parental rights are terminated by the court and there are no relatives able to care for the children, the children become available for adoption. The best option is when foster parents become an adoptive family for the foster children already in their care.

What does foster care adoption look like?

Foster children available for adoption are typically 2-18 years old. Due to allowing parents time to regain custody and the time it takes to terminate parental rights if custody is not granted, babies are not usually available for adoption through foster care.

What’s the process?

All our foster parents are licensed to foster, yet if children need a forever home, they are already approved to adopt. This means they can foster, or, if a child placed with them becomes free for adoption, they can adopt that child. Once a family is an approved foster parent, and if they have a child who is legally free placed in their home, we assist DFCS in converting their home, so they can adopt the child. Typically this is done by compiling documents from the foster home file, though sometimes updated background checks and medical exams are required.

What resources are available?

Some foster children available for adoption qualify for educational support, post adoption support, free medical care and more.

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